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Artificial Grass & Bukit Jalil Nursery

Best of Bukit Jalil Nursery Our History

In year 1984, we had established our first nursery in Sungai Buloh. Our second nursery in Bukit Jalil , Puchong was established in year 2005.

We have 26 years experience and knowledge in flowers, plants, fish pond & landscaping work.

We specialize in retail and supply wide range of flowers, plant, gardening decoration product such as pots and accessories which we directly import from overseas to serve and fulfil all our customers' needs.

We also work closely with local property developer for landscaping project or directly deal with bungalow and landed property's owner.

Please feel free to contact us for quotation for designing and landscaping work.

Artificial Grass & Bukit Jalil Nursery

Previllege Card 优惠卡

条规与规则 Terms & Conditions :

1. Selagi penggunaan lebih daripada RM50, anda boleh menjadi
As long as consumption of more than RM50, you can become a member!

2. Ahli perlu mendaftar nama, nombor telefon dan alamat mereka.
Members must register their name, telephone number and address。

3. Keluarga atau rakan ahli juga boleh menikmati faedah yang sama dengan maklumat keahlian kad ini.
Members' families or friends can also enjoy the same benefits with the membership information of this card.

4. Jika anda membelanjakan kurang daripada RM1000, anda akan menerima diskaun 5% (resit tunggal).
If you spend less than RM300, you will receive a 5% discount (single receipt).

5. Jika anda membelanjakan lebih daripada RM1000, anda akan menerima diskaun 8% (resit tunggal).
If you spend more than RM300, you will receive a 10% discount (single receipt).

6. Beberapa promosi produk yang ditetapkan akan layak untuk diskaun sehingga 30% (resit tunggal).
Some of the specified product promotions will be up to 30% discount (single receipt).

7. Tiada diskaun untuk “Natural Grass”, tanah & buruh. “Natural Grass”,
Natural Grass, soil & labour do not have any offer.

8. Syarikat mempunyai hak untuk membuat sebarang keputusan muktamad tanpa notis selanjutnya.
The company will have the right to make any final decisions without prior notic

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