Sirim Artificial Grass

Artificial grass malaysia

In year 1984, we had established our first nursery in Sungai Buloh. Our second nursery in Bukit Jalil , Puchong was established in year 2005.

We have 26 years experience and knowledge in flowers, plants, fish pond & landscaping work.

We specialize in retail and supply wide range of flowers, plants, gardening decoration product such as pots and accessories which we directly import from overseas to serve and fulfil all our customers' needs.

In addition, we were invited to Melody FM ( FM103 radio station) to do an exclusive interview about Landscaping and Artificial Grass as well.
Newspaper interview with Mr.Ng Kum Weng
本公司于一九八四年在双溪毛糯成立第一间园艺花圃。于二零零五年又在武吉加里尔成立第二间园艺花圃。 我们有二十六年花卉,植物及园艺美化的工作经验和知识。 本公司专注于零售与批发各种花,草,树类和园艺装饰品,也包括直接从国外进口的各类花,草及园艺装饰品等等,服务也必定满足顾客的需求。本公司的目标是为每个家庭缔造健康清新的家居环境以及打造梦寐以求的园艺。